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Today is 2021-5-25, Welcome to the web Anhui Zhongxu raincoats manufacturing company Website: www.nessha.com



Anhui Zhongxu raincoats manufacturing company

Anhui Zhongxu raincoats manufacturing company in East China is the most China raincoat factory scale is the most professional, is located in the Chinese belly - Anhui County of Huoqiu province. The transportation is convenient, accessible 2.5 hours away from the ancient city of Nanjing, near the Hefei Xinqiao airport.   Companies rely on the resource rich labor force and local government preferential policies, to create a high price products to market quickly occupied! Inexpensive high-quality products and mutually beneficial win-win concept, creating a Zhong Xu of growth! Company has experienced ups and downs for more than 10 years, has gradually grown as an independent design, development, production and sales of integrated enterprise strength, plant more than 5000 square, nearly 300 high-quality workers, daily production set more than......







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